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Essere is an Italian based company who takes pride in thinking differently. Conventional cosmetic products are composed mainly of petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients. Is this really the only way to create cosmetics? Is it necessary to use these substances? We think differently.

Our idea is to build only eco-sustainable organic cosmetics while maintaining high standards of
quality. Thanks to our laboratories, we have entrusted the performance of ESSERE to real properties found in essential oils and plant extracts.
We have chosen highly biodegradable surfactants and food preservatives enabling us
to respect both the person and planet. We ensure the biodegradability of our cosmetics thereby, choosing to limit the use of chemical ingredients and silicones, avoiding petrochemical and synthetic plastic polymers, many of which are suspected carcinogens or allergens, and replace them with sustainable ingredients.
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We have chosen the cosmetic branch of AIAB  (Italian Association of Organic Farming) to ensure the organic origin of our ingredients.

Our cosmetics don’t contain any animal derivatives and also ingredients and finish products are not tested on animals  (European Law of March 11 , 2013)

To ensure maximum compatibility with sensitive skins, we test all our lot of production on heavy metals like Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt.

Bio Eco Cosmesi certification guarantees products that are free of non-dermocompatible, non-eco-friendly or potentially harmful products for man and the environment.

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The energy used in the production of Essere is derived from a wind-powered plant in Pontedera, Tuscany.
Larderello is the world’s first geothermal energy plant generating renewable and environmentally sustainable power.